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How to save Images as PNGs in GIMP

By Birju Gurung
GIMP is the free Open Source, cross-platform image editing software and can save files in many formats, but from the Save option, you can’t save your finished project as image file formats like PNG, JPEG, TIFF, etc. In GIMP, you can use the Save option to save your project in XCF format which is GIMP’s native project file format. This file format is used in GIMP if you intend to modify or edit the image in future. So how can you save the image as PNG format in GIMP 2.8? You can save image as PNG format by using Export or Export As option instead of Save option. You can find both options under the GIMP’s File menu.

  1. Export Image Dialog

Go to GIMP’s File menu and select Export or Export As… from the options. An Export Image dialog box will pop up where you can see the options for filename and for different supported extensions. If you open the file in XCF format, then you can see the both Export and Export As… options, but if you open file other than XCF then you can only see the Export As… option.

  1. Select folder location

You need to select your desired folder location where you’re going to save your PNG file. You can select your folder location from the Save in Folder option or from the left panel which you can see just below the Save in Folder option or if needed you can create a new folder by clicking on Create Folder button.

  1. Filename and Extension

In the Name field type filename with extension PNG like this yourfilename.png. If you don’t want to mention here file extension, then you can go with another option. This time only type filename in the Name field and click on Select File_Type (By Extension) which you can see above the Help button. You can see the list of different supported extensions by GIMP. From the list, select PNG image, then click on the Export button.

  1. Export image as PNG

If you’re OK with the default settings on Export Image as PNG dialog box, then you can click on the Export button, otherwise you can play with the available settings.

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