How to Enable or Disable Full Screen Mode in Google Chrome

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The Google Chrome web browser can expand to fill your entire screen with its built-in Full Screen feature. By having this feature, you can able to view web pages in Full Screen mode in Google Chrome by eliminating distracting elements like Windows’s toolbar and browser’s controls. Once you enable Full Screen mode, all controls are invisible. So, it is important to know both how to enable and disable this feature before proceeding.

This article is only intended for users running the Google Chrome web browser on Windows Operating System.


Enabling Full Screen Mode

Image - Enabling Full Screen Mode in Google Chrome
Open the Chrome’s Customize and control Google Chrome menu by clicking on the button having three vertical dots Google Chrome Menu which is available at the top right side of the browser’s window or just below the close button. Find Zoom option in the pop-out menu then click on the Full Screen icon Google Chrome Full Screen Icon which you can see in the right corner of the zoom section.

Disabling Full Screen Mode

Image - Disabling Full Screen Mode in Google Chrome
Hit the right button of your mouse and select Exit Full Screen from the options. Doing this will disable Full Screen mode and returns Google Chrome’s window to its default screen size. While hitting the right button of your mouse, make sure that your mouse cursor shouldn’t hover over any images and hyperlinks. Otherwise, you can’t see the Exit Full Screen option.

How to activate and deactivate Full Screen mode by using the Keyboard Shortcut

To activate or deactivate Full Screen mode in Google Chrome by using the keyboard, hit the F11 key on your keyboard. F11 key is used to toggle the Full Screen mode on or off. If you see nothing change while pressing F11, then check for Fn key on your keyboard. Press Fn key and F11 key simultaneously to toggle this feature on or off.

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How to Enable or Disable Full Screen Mode in Google Chrome

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